Skidepot- simple, comfortable and safe

  • Serviced ski depot directly at the valley station of the gondola Scheffau
  • Kein Mühsames Schleppen Mehr.
  • KOSTENLOSE Skigarage für von uns gemietete Sportgeräte.
  • Ski- und Snowboardschuhe werden über Nacht getrocknet und beheizt.
  • Genießen Sie Ihren Urlaub. Wir kümmern uns um den Rest.

Google reviews; 02/2018

For the first time, I brought our skis to Hansis for ski service. 3 pairs of skis were finished within 20 minutes (in Munich I wait 3 days).

Quality: 1a !!! Since I bought my skis I did not ride as well with them as in the last days !!!

Top quality + fast and friendly service = 5 stars

Michael Brandt

Michael Brandt

Google reviews; 02/2018

1. Very well organized! Despite the high number of visitors on Saturday, we did not need 10 minutes for ski boots, skis and helmets (2 adults + child).

2. Super equipment quality! The skis my daughter got were absolutely new.

3. Very helpful team!

Looking forward to seeing you soon 🙂

Angelika Weinstädter

Angelika Weinstädter

Google reviews; 01/2018

For 20 years we rent our skis and boots at Hansi in January. Every time we arrive, always with a circle of friends, we will receive super friendly. We are excellently cared for! The staff are super helpful and knowledgeable. The proximity to the valley station is perfect for our day of skiing. We can only say, to Hansi, there since her good hands.

Greetings and see you a few days, Jürgen


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