Hansis Sport- und Mietcenter is the first STÖCKLI EXCLUSIVE PARTNER in the Wilder Kaiser ski world.
Test the latest Stöckli models of the Laser series throughout the winter season.



PRICE: EUR 45 per day

(SKI Platin)


When purchasing a new ski, these costs will be counted towards the new price.




Stöckli impresses with its quality and produces noticeably high-quality sports equipment for the ambitious skier in solid manual work.

Ski Construction

The entire ski collection has always been constructed in an elaborate side-wall sandwich construction. This time-consuming but accurate method rewards the ski designer, athlete and high-performance athlete with high-precision, long-lasting sports equipment.

Processing and Finish

High precision means a plane surface for the coating, a homogeneous bending line (type dependent) and finally 100% matching ski pair “married” by hand and labelled with a serial number.


Stöckli has a broad base of product know-how in racing and public skiing. This is the breeding ground for ongoing innovations in ski construction and ski shaping, and for a distinctive design. Consequently, Stöckli ski production undergoes genuine stages of development which are implemented every two years.

Swiss Quality since 1935

Founded in 1935, Stöckli is one of the last Swiss ski manufacturers in existence. Every year, about 45,000 pairs of skis are produced by hand.