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CONWAY eMS 240 kids

The sporty e-bike, especially for kids

Children have a lot of energy and are often almost unstoppable. But they usually don't stand a chance against e-bike batteries. So they often ride behind their parents on their e-bikes. With the "eMS 240", CONWAY has launched an e-bike that takes children's needs into account. The geometry was taken from CONWAY's proven non-motorized children's bikes.

The bike is powered by the Bosch "Active Line Plus" mid-motor. With the 400-Wh battery, there is enough capacity to master the way to school or the ride to friends. At the same time, disc brakes from Tektro with 160 mm large brake discs bring your child safely to a halt. Of course, the lever width of the brake handles is adapted to small children's hands.

A particularly responsive RST "Snyper" suspension fork with 80 mm travel, absorbs shocks sovereign and thus protects the child's wrists. For longer distances on straight and level routes, the suspension of the fork can of course also be blocked. A Shimano rear derailleur with 9 gears ensures the right gear ratio. The circuit can be easily operated with a shift lever. Thus, even the little ones learn the intuitive switching quickly.